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Apply for Business Rates relief

If you are eligible for a Business Rates relief scheme, we can reduce your Business Rates.

You can look at GOV.UK for more detailed information about Business Rates relief schemes.

You can also view our policy about discretionary rate relief.

In the Chelmsford area, you can apply for:

  • small business rate relief
  • local discretionary
  • rural rate relief
  • charitable rate relief
  • empty buildings relief
  • charity and community amateur sport club relief
  • local newspapers relief
  • retail discount

You can apply for small business rate relief or local discretionary relief online. You can contact us to apply for any other scheme.

Apply for small business relief

To apply for small business rate relief, you will need:

  • the name of the business
  • your name and contact details
  • your Business Rates account number
  • the address of the business property
  • the current rateable value of the business property
  • information about any other business properties that you occupy in England

Apply for discretionary relief

You can only apply for this relief if:

  • your bill has increased due to the 2017 revaluation
  • your property has a rateable value less than £150,000
  • your property is occupied
  • your business occupies fewer than three properties
  • your claim will not push you over the 200,000 euro State Aidthreshold

You can’t apply for this relief if your business:

  • is involved in financial services, such as a bank or building society, or payday lenders, amusement arcades and pawn brokers
  • is national or multi-national
  • offers a professional service, such as solicitors, accountants, insurance agents or estate/letting agents

You can also  view our policy about discretionary rate relief

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