Chelmsford City Council

Our Chelmsford, Our Plan

We have published our plans for Chelmsford for the next few years.

Our Chelmsford, Our Plan sets out our priorities which will improve the lives of residents. We want to make Chelmsford a fairer, greener, safer and better-connected place to live, work and visit. 

The plan outlines our new priorities under four themes.

A fairer and inclusive Chelmsford

We want to promote sustainable and environmentally responsible growth to stimulate a vibrant, balanced economy, a fairer society and providing more housing of all types.

A safer and greener place

This means:

  • making Chelmsford more attractive
  • promoting Chelmsford’s green credentials
  • ensuring communities are safe
  • creating a distinctive sense of place

Healthy, active and enjoyable lives

This includes:

  • encouraging people to live well
  • promoting health and activity 
  • reducing social isolation
  • making Chelmsford a happier place to live, work and play

Connected Chelmsford

This means: 

  • bringing people together
  • empowering local people 
  • working in partnership to build community capacity, stronger communities and to secure investment in the city

You can download the plan.

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    Last updated: 13 April 2021

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