Chelmsford City Council

Equality duty and gender pay gap

Equality duty

To comply with the  Equality Act 2010 and to meet the  Public Sector Equality Duty, we:

  • publish equality information
  • set equality objectives
  • publish the progress of the objectives after a review each year

Equality objectives

You can download and view our equality objectives.

We have four objectives, and this document explains what they are and how we are working to achieve them.

Workforce data

You can download our workforce data for this year.

You can also download our:

This data is anonymous, and we do not use it to identify individual employees. Instead, the data provides a profile of our workforce and allows us to better understand how our decisions could affect our employees.


Gender pay gap reporting

Download our report

As an organisation with over 250 employees, we need to publish and report specific figures about our gender pay gap. 

Our Gender Pay Gap Report includes an overview of our gender pay gap figures, as well our actions for the future. 

The government collate the reports from all organisations in the UK. You can  view gender pay gap information on GOV.UK.  

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