After we receive your planning application, we will process it as quickly and efficiently as possible, using staff resources as appropriate.

You will not be able to discuss your application with a planning officer. Your application will not necessarily have a named case officer, and we will not publish or give out individual names in connection with any applications.

You can read further details aboutĀ how our planning service operates.

When we will contact you

We will contact you (or your agent) if we:

  • need to ask for further information
  • think an amendment is needed to make your application acceptable, and it will not delay the application
  • think the decision is likely to go against pre-application advice, and will give you the chance to amend or withdraw your application
  • think we will not be able to make a decision in time, explaining the reason for the delay and asking you to agree a time extension

When to contact us

You should only contact us about an application if you want to provide further information or need to ask us a specific question.

You should not contact us to ask for a routine update on your application, as this will only delay the process. We will only respond to a request for an update if an application has passed its expiry date.

Also, our planning officers will not be available to discuss your application. We will make a decision on your application as soon as possible, following standard procedures and policies.

How to contact us about a specific planning application

If you need to contact us, you can use ourĀ planning application enquiry form.

We will respond to you within five working days.

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