This page explains how we deal with consultation responses received during the community governance review at initial or final consultation stages.

What you can and can’t comment on

We cannot accept your comments if:

  • you do not provide a Chelmsford area postcode
  • you make a comment which we feel is discriminatory, as we have a legal duty to avoid discrimination and foster good relations between different community groups

We are not able to respond to individual comments, nor forward comments made in this consultation to other organisations.

If you submit your comments online, we will send an auto-acknowledgement. If you comment by post, we will not be able to acknowledge your submission. We will not enter into individual correspondence for any submissions.

Publishing the results

When we publish the results, we will remove any names and only include the first four digits of your postcode. We will publish the names of any organisation that submits views. Therefore, you need to make sure you have permission to respond from the organisation before you make your submission. We will not make any other personal details public.

We will hold the details of all respondents on a database. We will only use the data for matters relating to the Community Governance Review (CGR). We will share the data with specialist consultants, who will help us complete the review. We will apply data protection requirements to any consultant undertaking this work. 

We have published the results of the initial consultation. We will publish the results of the final consultation concerning the draft recommendations in early 2022 with the agenda for Governance Committee.

Next steps

We will use your feedback to inform the final decisions that are made by Full Council in relation to the CGR.

More information

If you have any comments or queries, you can contact the Electoral Services Team.

Is there something wrong with this page?

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