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Types of local land charges search

The local land charges search will include information about:

  • the planning history of the land
  • planning policies affecting the land
  • developments which will directly affect the land
  • local land charges that restrict the use of the land
  • local land charges that will pass to any new owner of the land (such as conservation areas, tree preservation orders or listed buildings)

A local land charges search is made up of:

  • Form LLC1, a search of the Local Land Charges Register, which we have a statutory duty to maintain
  • Form CON29 Required Questions and CON29O Optional Questions, which requests details of information that may affect a specific property or piece of land

Form LLC1 includes information about:

  • financial charges
  • tree preservation orders
  • renovation grants
  • conservation areas
  • listed buildings
  • conditional planning applications
  • enforcement notices

Form CON29 Required Questions includes information about:

  • previous planning applications
  • building regulations and certificates for works
  • highways and traffic
  • the environment
  • public paths and byways
  • the current or proposed local plan policies

Optional Form CON29O Optional Questions information includes about:

  • advertisements
  • mineral consultation areas

CON29 Revisions 2016provides guidance on the updates to these questions.

You can request:

  • Full Local Search (LLC1 and CON29)
  • LLC1 only
  • CON29 Required Questions only
  • CON29 Required Questions and CON29O Optional Questions

We charge different amounts for each search that we carry out.


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    Last updated: 17 September 2021

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