Chelmsford City Council

Local land charges search fees

Fees for 2021-22

Type of searchFeeVATTotal
Full Local Search (LLC1 and CON29R)£93.33£14.67£108.00
LLC1 only£20.00 £20.00
CON29 only£73.33£14.67£88.00
CON29 Optional Questions - each£16.00£3.20£19.20
Additional parcels LLC1 only - each£4.00 £4.00
Additional properties/units CON29 only - each£12.00£2.40£14.40
Additional written questions£40.00£8.00£48.00
Personal Search  No charge

Cancellation and refunds of search requests

We can't refund your fee once we have accepted and registered your request.    

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Last updated: 06 April 2021

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