Changes to Building Control regulations

In October 2023, the government introduced changes to Building Control laws. These changes place new duties of competence on all parties involved, and also affect higher-risk buildings. You can read more about the changes.

You can use Public Access to view, search and track building control applications.

If the records you want to view are not available on Public Access, you may be able to request them from us. However, we only have historic building control applications where we inspected the work. If a private building control body inspected to work, we will not hold those records.

View applications

You can use Public Access to view building control applications that we have received. You can search for applications and track their progress.

Public Access uses tabs, and you can use these to:

  • view details of the application, including a summary and important dates
  • view documents
  • look at any related cases
  • view the location of the application on a map

Many of the building documents include detailed information. You may find it easier to view these documents on a desktop computer, rather than on a smartphone or tablet.

If you don’t have access to the internet or a desktop computer, you can use self-service desktop computers at:

You can use the simple search on Public Access to find an application easily, using the application reference number, postcode or address.

You can also use the:

If your search returns a number of results, the description of works and the address will help you identify the application you are looking for.

When you have selected the building control application, you can then use the tabs to find the information you need.

Make a request now

We have records of historic building control applications.

We only have records of building work that we inspected, and not work that private building control bodies inspected.

If you own your property or have permission from the owner and we can find the record, we can send you the information by email.

To apply online, you will need:

  • to be the owner of the property or have permission from the owner
  • the full address of the property
  • your address (and details of your agent, if you are using one)
  • a description of the information required (for example, details of the original house foundations)
  • other information, such as application date or reference number, if you have it 

We usually reply within five working days, although it make take longer if your enquiry is complex.

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