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Godfrey Charles Isaacs was born in 1866 in Spitalfields London, where his parents were successful fruit importers. After completing his studies in Hanover and Brussels, he joined the family firm of fruit and ship brokers before becoming a mining engineer.

In 1910, Isaacs took the role of Joint Managing Director of the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company and the Marconi International Marine Communications Company. Within six months, he assumed sole responsibility as Managing Director and also joined the board of the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America. Later that same year, Isaacs formed the Marconi Press Agency to establish and publicise the company and its products to a wider audience, publishing the first wireless magazine in April 1911.

Isaacs many accomplishments include the removal of the ‘Telefunken Wall’, which blocked the company from entering into overseas contracts, and issues regarding the infringement of patents the Marconi Company had on products. By 1913, the company had become profitable and fully supported the armed forces during the First World War.

The biggest accomplishment Isaacs led the company through was the relocation to the Marconi New Street Works site, where he also constructed two roads (Marconi Road and Bishop Road) for houses to be built for Marconi employees. In 1920, Isaacs led the company to undertake high power speech telephony trials which led to the concert by Dame Nellie Melba. In conjunction with 39 wireless company representatives in Britain, Isaacs also played a role in the development of the British Broadcasting Company.

Isaacs resigned as managing director of the Marconi Company and other positions due to medical reasons in 1924, however remained as a consultant. Isaacs passed away in April 1925 aged 58.

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