How to book

You can book a pest control visit by phone on 01245 606606.


The fee for treating mice is £72.

If you claim benefits, the fee is £36.

All prices are valid from 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025.

Preparing for treatment

You do not need to prepare for treating this type of pest


We use a slow-acting poison (rodenticide) bait, which will kill the mice once they have eaten a lethal dose. This can take between 4 and 12 days.

We dye the bait a bright colour and keep it in a tamper-proof box, so that other animals are not poisoned by mistake.


Yes, we will visit again to collect any dead mice if they are in an easily accessible area. If an infestation requires multiple visits, the pest control officer will decide when the treatment is complete and the infestation is dealt with.

We will not charge for re-treatment of residential properties if you tell us there is a recurrence within three weeks of the pest control officer closing the job.


We are not permitted to treat mice outside of properties, therefore we can only treat inside buildings.

We can only treat in the loft if it is fully boarded. If it is not, we will only be able to leave the bait trays or boxes around the loft hatch.

If we give advice on how to stop the infestation or prevent reoccurrence and you don't take any action, a further fee will be payable for the treatment to continue (beyond the initial five visits). 

We will not offer free retreatment if the problem recurs within three weeks of the closure of the job, if you don't take any action.

We will not treat if you are a landlord of a residential property. This would be a commercial property and you would need to contact a private pest control provider.

Treatment time

It takes 30 to 60 minutes to lay the poison or the traps.

After treatment

After the treatment, we will give you advice about how to prevent mice in the future.

You may have to stop feeding birds and wildlife, or change your method of feeding.

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