Microchipping your dog

You have a legal requirement to microchip your dog. This includes keeping your details up to date, including your address and phone number.

If you make an appointment, we can microchip your dog for you:

  • at the Civic Centre, free of charge
  • in your home, for a fee of £10

You can contact us to arrange an appointment.

Our microchips are linked to the Animal Tracker database.

We will fine you if your dog doesn’t have a microchip. The fine can be up to £500. 

Collaring and tagging your dog

Your dog must wear a collar and a tag when it’s outside of your home.

The tag should have up-to-date details, with the dog’s name and your contact details.

We will fine you if your dog doesn’t have a collar and tag. The fine can be up to £5,000.

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