All payments you make to us and money you spend at our venues will appear on your bank statement as 'Chelmsford City Council'.

This includes your Council Tax, as well any fines, pest control visits or fees for services such as planning, building control or licensing. It also includes other services we provide, such as sport at our leisure centres or performances at our theatres.

If you notice a payment on your bank statement that you are unsure about, it could relate to:

  • parking, such as at one of our car parks or for a resident parking permit
  • one of our leisure centres, including gym membership, children's courses, activities and parties
  • Chelmsford Theatres, including tickets and refreshments
  • one of our festivals and special events, like 3foot and Fling, including tickets and any activities or refreshments
  • Chelmsford Museum, including tickets for events or the gift shop
  • Hylands House and Estate, such as refreshments, activities and tickets for events
  • the Cemetery and Crematorium, such as for a memorial
  • our Freighter House depot, such as large item collections or MOT tests
  • payments for licensing, such as alcohol or taxis

If you are still unsure, you can contact your bank to find out more information about the payment.

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