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Public Health Funerals

If there is no family or other agency to make suitable funeral arrangements for a deceased person, we will arrange a cremation. This is part of our public health duties under the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984.

If the person died in hospital, it is the hospital's responsibility to make arrangements.

We will only arrange a cremation if we establish there is no alternative, following a thorough investigation.

You can view a list of all Public Health Funerals that we have arranged since 1 December 2011.

ReferenceNameDate of deathDate of funeral
19/05421/RES04Clive Cowell12 October 201911 December 2019
19/00918/RES04Clive Francis12 January 201922 May 2019
18/06312/RES04Eileen Wingfield13 December 201811 February 2019
18/05930/RES04Kathleen Humphrey19 November 201808 February 2019
18/05518/RES04Annie Clark12 October 201808 November 2018
18/02421/RES04Susan Berwick11 May 201818 June 2018
18/02240/ASTBURDavid Anderson30 April 201815 June 2018
18/02476/RES04Pauline Brown21 April 201814 June 2018
18/02477/RES04Ronald Bradford29 April 201813 June 2018
18/01681/RES04John Davey23 February 201812 June 2018

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Last updated: 28 February 2017

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