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Public Health Funerals

If there is no family or other agency to make suitable funeral arrangements for a deceased person, we will arrange a cremation. This is part of our public health duties under the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984.

If the person died in hospital, it is the hospital's responsibility to make arrangements.

We will only arrange a cremation if we establish there is no alternative, following a thorough investigation.

You can view a list of all Public Health Funerals that we have arranged since 1 December 2011.

ReferenceNameDate of deathDate of funeral
20/04657/RES04George Edward Twin19 August 202005 October 2020
20/04686/RES04Stephen Peter Heather27 August 202028 September 2020
20/03099/RES04Jean Marjorie Walton18 June 202004 September 2020
20/03271/RES04David Green28 June 202026 August 2020
20/03640/RES04Clifford Gale22 July 202010 August 2020
20/01946/RES04George Christopher Stock11 April 202004 August 2020
20/02505/RES04Paul Willsone26 May 202014 July 2020
20/02248/RES04Dawn Paske18 May 202023 June 2020
20/02025/ASTBURArthur Powter06 April 202016 June 2020
20/02160/RES04Marleen Reeman12 April 202008 June 2020

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Last updated: 31 July 2020

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