If you want to remove a protected tree or a tree in a Conservation Area, you need to request permission from us.

However, that may not apply if the tree is dead or dangerous. This includes if you want to:

  • remove a dead or dangerous branch
  • remove a dead or dangerous tree

Trees which are allegedly diseased or dying do not fall within the exemption.

If a tree presents an immediate risk of serious harm and work is urgent, you must give us written notice as soon as possible. This is called a Five Day Dead or Dangerous Tree Notification.

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You should only carry out the work needed to remove the risk, and nothing more. You should contact a professional tree surgeon to do the work, as it is not a service we offer.

If you cut down the whole tree, you will need to plant a replacement of appropriate size and species. However, you do not have to replace a tree is it is covered by the woodland classification.

You can find further guidance on dangerous trees from GOV.UK.

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