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Request new street names and property numbers

You can request new street names and numbers once you have planning permission, and work has started on site.

You should use this page for:

  • new build dwelling/s
  • new build commercial unit/s
  • conversion of existing building to dwellings or commercial units

If you would like to change a name of an existing building without it being further divided or change the name of your house, you need to apply to add or change your property name.

Request now

To request new street names and numbers, you will need:

  • the approved planning application number
  • commencement date of works
  • an Ordnance Survey extract, clearly showing the buildings and areas involved
  • a PDF file showing the development, including road layouts, plot layouts and numbers, and access points to individual properties (we may request AutoCAD DWG file if required)
  • PDFs of internal layout plans with plot numbers for developments that are sub-divided at unit or floor level

Once we have received your application, we will assess:

  • if your work requires any new roads
  • if the new properties fall into a numbering scheme

We are required to number all new properties, but where this is not possible, we will name properties.

If your development requires a new road name and/or house name, the application will be subject to a two-week consultation period.

We will send your request to Royal Mail, the Parish Council and local councillors. Road names will need further sign off from Head of Service and our portfolio holder.

We will inform Royal Mail once we have added street names and numbers to the new development, and they will allocate postcodes. They will only issue a postcode if we request them to.

If you are a developer, you need to  notify Royal Mail, so they can activate the postcodes. They will only activate postcodes once residents have moved into their properties for the first time.

You can also notify Royal Mail for an individual property, by calling 0345 601 11 10 and choosing option 3.

There are a large number of interested parties who wish to be made aware of the existence of new addresses.

If you fail to notify these services, it could lead to problems with deliveries or setting up accounts, or confusion for emergency services.

We offer a notification service to inform all of these interested parties.

We will notify:

  • the emergency services
  • utility companies
  • the Land Registry
  • Ordnance Survey
  • our other departments
These charges are not subject to VAT.

Creation of new streets and properties

Street£100 per street
1-5 dwellings£40 per property
6-25 dwellings£35 per property
26-75 dwellings£30 per property
76 dwellings£25 per property
Change to new addresses due to the development changing after the schedule has been issued£25 per hour

Changes to existing streets and properties

Change of address, and/or house name£40 per property
Division of propertySame as numbering of new properties (based on number of properties created, including the original)
Issue of address following demolition and reconstructionSame as numbering of new properties (based on number of properties created, including the original)

All street nameplates must meet our Street Nameplates Policy and Guidelines.

You need to add street nameplates to new developments before anyone moves in.

You will need to maintain the street nameplates until Essex County Council, as the local highway authority, adopts them. After this, we become responsible for maintaining the street nameplates.

You can view Essex County Council's list of adopted roads.

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