We are working with Cadent to design and relocate the Gas Pressure Reduction System (GPRS), which is currently located on the old gas works site. This will enable housing delivery on the site.

The proposed new location of the Gas Pressure Reduction System is on land to the south of the active Hill Road Allotments.

Cadent submitted a planning application for this in February 2022, with the reference 22/00239/FUL.

We granted planning permission in May 2022.


Works are now underway, with the following planned programme:

  • Phase 1 (mobilisation and site establishment): November 2022 to April 2023 (Complete)
  • Phase 2 and 3 (GPRS civil work): March 2023 to August 2023
  • Phase 4 (GPRD mechanical work): July 2023 to May 2024
  • Phase 5 (GPRS electrical and instrumentation works): March 2024 to June 2024
  • Phase 6 and 7 (Meadow pipeline operations): April 2024 to August 2024
  • Phase 8 (commissioning): April 2024 to October 2024
  • Phase 9 (Wharf Road governor installation): July 2024 to September 2024
  • Phase 10 (decommissioning old GPRS): September 2024 to February 2025
  • Phase 11 (fence and civil works): May 2024 to August 2024
  • Phase 12 (demobilisation): February 2025

The key dates for the project are:

  • Construction works in the vicinity allotment: January 2023 to September 2024
  • District Governor Construction works on Wharf Road: July 2024 to September 2024
  • Temporary allotment access arrangements: January 2023 to February 2025
  • Meadow cycle path diversion: November 2023 to September 2024
  • Meadow cycle path closure for pipeline pressure testing: November 2024
  • Commission GPRS: July 2024 to October 2024
  • Commission District Governor: February 2024
  • Wharf Road low pressure diversion: January 2024 to July 2024

These dates may be subject to change and we will update these as works progress.

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