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What was life like in Chelmsford in the past?  How has Chelmsford changed over time?

This session will develop your children’s historical enquiry skills, as they investigate different types of evidence to build up a picture of how Chelmsford has changed over time.

In this session, children will:

  • Use a box of old objects, photos and documents as a ‘time capsule’ to stimulate discussion about what life was like for people in Chelmsford in the past.
  • Take part in an ‘archaeological dig’ to find objects from Roman Chelmsford and learn why the Romans built a town here.
  • Investigate Victorian objects and compare old and new photos to see how Chelmsford has changed since Victorian times.

Stay for the day

Pick up our binoculars and a ‘picture trail sheet’ and set out to explore the whole museum and park. There is plenty to discover in the new museum displays and entry to the museum is free.

Teacher feedback

“The session was a fantastic building block on what the children already knew about Chelmsford in the past, as well as introducing lots of new and exciting learning.  The sessions were brilliantly thought out in terms of pupil engagement, size of group and curriculum coverage.  They linked well with other areas of the curriculum and were delivered in a way that meant all children could access the learning.  The children now have a much deeper understanding of significant people in Chelmsford’s history, as well as changes over time.”

The Cathedral School

National curriculum links

  • Significant historical events, people and places in their own locality
  • Develop knowledge about the world, the United Kingdom and their locality


One class per session. For two classes, you can combine the learning session with time exploring the museum and park.  We can provide free trail sheets to use around the museum.


We have indoor lunch space available, plus picnic benches and a children's play area in the park. The museum is fully accessible with a lift and an accessible toilet.