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  • Construction Challenges crane and bridge Construction ChallengesTest & compare the properties of different materials, then take apart some familiar structures to explore the hidden forces acting on them. Key Stage 2.
  • Electrical Circuits plug and a wire coil Electrical CircuitsBuild switches and large scale circuits to power a lighthouse, send messages and pick up a radio signal as you investigate the link between electricity and magnetism. For Key Stage 2.
  • Feeling Friction paper aeroplane and photo of plane wing Feeling FrictionCarry out large scale experiments, such as designing and flying aeroplanes, to explore and measure resistance and friction between materials and surfaces. For Key Stage 2.
  • Habitats and Homes roof icon and children with sweep nets Habitats and HomesUse sweep nets to explore a range of habitats including our new 'mini pond' to understand food chains and how changes to the environment impact on plants and animals. For Key Stage 2.
  • Local History and old photo of Oaklands House Local HistoryExperience the sights and smells to build up a picture of life in Chelmsford's history. For Key Stages 1 and 2.
  • Magnifying Forces Gear and image of shaduff Magnifying ForcesInvestigate how levers, slopes and gears are used to magnify forces. Solve engineering challenges faced by ancient civilisations. For Key Stage 2.
  • Morse code symbols and children solving maths problems. Marconi's Magic MathsExplore shape and space, number patterns and angles in a series of challenges linked to Guglielmo Marconi. For Key Stages 1 and 2.
  • FINAL Pre school avatar.jpg Pre - school group sessionsBring your pre-school or nursery along for nursery rhyme themed fun at the museum! Hands-on, multi-sensory sessions link to the EYFS learning goals.
  • River Trail waves logo and photo of Sandford Mill engine house with river River TrailCreate a river and play scientific games to learn how rivers shape the landscape. Use maps and photographs to identify river features and their importance to Chelmsford. For Key Stage 2.
  • Sounds Amazing sound bar and child listening Sounds AmazingCarry out experiments to change pitch and volume, and find ways to silence an annoying sound. Plus, see, hear and feel how sound vibrations travel in air, water and solid objects. For Key Stage 2.
  • Stone Age to Iron Age man and flint tools Stone Age to Iron AgeUse drama and object handling, build a living timeline and use experimental archaeology to explore and compare how life changed from Stone Age to Iron Age. For Key Stage 2.
  • Toys Through Time  wind up mouse and toy soldiers Toys Through TimeLearn about our oldest toys and investigate through play how their materials and mechanisms have developed through time. For Key Stage 1.