Chelmsford City Museums
Boris the Bear wearing a white coat and using scientific equipment

What's On

Explore, experiment and investigate in exciting hands-on sessions at Chelmsford Museum and Sandford Mill and do things you can’t do in the classroom.  Science sessions at Sandford Mill are only available from April to October. 

  • Boy dressed up as a Roman soldier Chelmsford Time Travellers: Local history in actionChildren will journey through Chelmsford's past to experience the sights, sounds and smells of the city through the ages.
  • An electrical circuit set up to power a lamp Electrical circuits You class can build large-scale circuits and experience a 'white hot' electrical demonstration.
  • A practical demonstration of friction using ball bearings Feeling frictionPupils will carry out lots of experiments to investigate the effects of friction, from the 'big drag' to designing and flying planes.
  • Girl using iPad Film makers for the dayChildren work in teams to plan, shoot and edit a mini film to share the story of local notable figures.
  • A stuffed fox and a stuffed rabbit Habitats and Homes Pupils can get close up with predators and prey from our collection, before identifying plants and animals in different habitats.
  • Wheels and cogs to demonstrate forces Magnifying forcesPupils will discover how ancient civilisations used simple machines to lift, move and heavy building materials.
  • Boy wearing peaked cap operating Morse code machine Marconi's Magic MathsYour class can investigate shape, space and number patterns as we explore the story of Marconi's connection to Chelmsford.
  • Sandford Mill Engine House Visit Us River trailSandford Mill is where geography meets science, as pupils explore the site that used to supply Chelmsford with all its drinking water.
  • Two school children using a giant megaphone device Sounds amazingChildren will see, hear and feel how sound vibrations travel in air, water and solid objects and try to silence a really annoying sound!
  • School children examining Stone Age objects Stone Age to Iron AgePupils will handle objects, gather evidence and share findings as they investigate how life changed from Stone Age to Iron Age.
  • Antique fire engine Structures and materialsYour pupils will carry out experiments to test the properties of materials then apply their discoveries to build and cross three bridges.
  • Various antique lamps and torches Travelling lightIn this session, pupils can carry out light experiments on a scale not possible in the classroom.