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Pupils can become an archaeologist for the day. 

They will handle objects, learn new skills, gather evidence and share findings as they investigate how and why life changed from Stone age to Iron age.

In this session, pupils will:

  • handle real and replica objects to see what evidence they provide about life in the Neolithic and Mesolithic period, and use drama to bring discoveries alive.
  • get hands-on with ‘experimental archaeology’ by mixing natural pigments to create cave painting or processing plants to create cord, and discover the skills of our Stone age ancestors.
  • investigate our exciting new interactive Stone Age to Iron Age gallery and use iPads to record evidence in photographs which will be sent back to school to support post-visit work.
  • build a living timeline to reveal how and why life changed from the Stone age to Iron age.

National curriculum links

  • Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to Iron Age: hunter gatherers, farming, technology, culture
  • Historical enquiry skills

Teacher feedback

"Students applied previously learnt knowledge well and extended into further practical activities to fully immerse themselves in the era. Pupils were captivated and were given lots of opportunities to share their information."

- Kendall C of E Primary School


Up to two classes per day.


We have indoor lunch space available, plus picnic benches and a children's play area in the park. The museum is fully accessible with a lift and an accessible toilet.

Last updated: 20 October 2022