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Pupils will be able to journey through Chelmsford’s past via maps, photographs, objects and stories. 

They can meet significant figures from Chelmsford's past. Pupils can experience the sights, sounds and smells as the city grew from a Roman Mansio to a bustling Tudor market town and then a globally significant industrial town and the birth place of radio.  

For schools in the Chelmsford district, we will make links to events that happened in your school location if possible.

In this session, pupils will:

  • examine primary and secondary sources of evidence to dig deeper into Chelmsford’s past and build up a picture of life at different times.
  • 'visit' the Tudor high street and experience the bustle of a busy market day.
  • use interactive maps and photographs to compare changes across periods and work out how and why Chelmsford changed.

Stay for the day

For two classes or a whole day visit, combine this session with Sparky's digital museum trail which will give your pupils an opportunity to explore the whole museum and see objects talked about in the session.

Teacher feedback

“Been great for the children to see how the learning they have done in class fits with the story of Chelmsford and see and explore the artefacts. Really interesting for the children.  The museum teachers told the stories and gave the information in a way that held the children’s attention brilliantly.”

Meadgate Primary School

National curriculum links

  • A local history study
  • A study of an aspect of history or a site dating from a period beyond 1066
  • A study over time of how aspects of national history are reflected in the locality


One class per session. 


We have indoor lunch space available, plus picnic benches and a children's play area in the park. The museum is fully accessible with a lift and an accessible toilet.