Hidden Histories, Secrets of the Land


Petty Croft, Broomfield


Fiona Heron


The artist has created a series of landform works that sit in the landscape to be discovered.
The works are based on ideas about uncovering treasures, physical and metaphorical.

The artist was influenced by the Anglo-Saxon burial site in Broomfield, near Clobb’s Row. Archaeological finds made in the late 19th century included a shield, a blue glass vessel, some birch bark and herbs.

The art works at Perry Croft include Clobbs Hollow, which references the shield and associated treasures found at the burial site. The artworks reflect the circles and incomplete circles of the remnants of the shield; the colour of the glass is reflected in the planting; ideas about memories being buried or lost and then remembered, treasures being hidden away and then revealed.

Clobbs Chestnut, Pool and Hollow have portholes with treasures buried in them, so they are buried but seen, the objects are items donated by residents of the local care home and come with associated memories.

A highly innovative concept, that has a subtle and engaging impact on the immediate area.

The artist was commissioned by Countryside for the Hanbury Place development.


Installed 2021-22

Artwork set into pavement

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