If you are due to have an interview with us or would like to learn more about our interview processes, our handy guide can help.

Doing some research before your interview is important to feel confident. Research will help you to show your knowledge during the interview. We recommend you:

  • familiarise yourself with our website. This will provide you with an insight into the services we offer. It may also help you to think of any questions you might want to ask.
  • look over the person specification within the job pack for the role. We base our interview questions on this. You should come to your interview with any experience you have that is essential to the role. You should use your experience as an example to answer interview questions. If you need a copy of the job pack, you can ask for a copy online.
  • plan your journey and travel times ahead of your interview. When you book an interview slot we will tell you the interview location. You can find car park information online.
  • if your interview is virtual, ensure you have a quiet space for this. Before the interview, test your microphone and camera. It’s a good idea to also test the link works in advance. If you have any issues accessing the link, you should tell the recruiting manager before your interview.
  • prepare any questions you would like to ask the interview panel. This could be about the role you have applied for or how the service operates for example.
  • prepare for questions about your employment history if you have any gaps on your application form. If we offer you the job, this is important as this helps us with our pre-employment vetting process.

Some roles may include an assessment or a test as part of the interview. We will email you ahead of time if your interview includes an assessment or test.

You can visit our iTrent system to check your interview booking details.

When we invite you to attend an interview, we will ask you to notify HR in advance of any accessibility requirements or adjustments you may need. If you have any queries, you should contact us.

We understand that interviews can be daunting and nerve-wracking. Our best advice is to prepare for your interview. Some tips to help you to get the best out of your interview include:

  • if you are particularly nervous, we have some mindfulness resources which may help you
  • timekeeping is important. It’s best to arrive a little early for your appointment as this will help you feel more at ease when arriving.
  • you should dress formally for your interview, even if the role you are applying for requires casual dress. This applies to both in-person and virtual interviews. If your interview requires a certain type of dress-code, we will tell you ahead of time. This may include clothes like trainers or waterproof clothing if your interview includes an outside tour.
  • smile and maintain eye contact. We are a friendly place to work and we will put you at ease upon greeting you. The interview panel want you to do well.
  • listen to the interviewer. If you would like them to repeat a question, or rephrase it in any way, you can ask us.
  • if you are not sure how to answer a question, you can ask for a moment to think about it and prepare your answer.
  • bring along the correct documentation to prevent delays in the process

The interview is a two-way process. It is also a chance for you to learn if the role is suitable for you.

There are two main things you will need to bring to an interview:

Your proof of Right to Work in the UK

Under the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996 we must check that all new employees are eligible to work in the United Kingdom.

For British and Irish Citizens, you must bring a passport or Birth Certificate along with a document stating your National Insurance number. For non-British Citizens visit the GOV UK website and follow the instructions to get a share code to bring to your interview.

Essential qualifications for the role

If the person specification lists qualifications as ‘essential’, you must bring evidence that you have achieved these qualifications.

You should bring a pen and paper to make any notes. Its also a good idea to bring a water bottle so you can arrive feeling hydrated.

All interviews at Chelmsford City Council are different and depend on the role you have applied for. Our HR team will provide you as much information as possible before interview, so you know what to expect.

Our standard process for an interview is as follows:

  1. you receive an interview invite via email asking you to select a date/time slot for your interview.
  2. book your interview slot using our iTrent system.
  3. attend your interview. The panel will introduce themselves at the start. They will ask you to present your right to work documentation.
  4. at the interview, the panel will ask you questions based on the job pack and your application
  5. if your interview includes a test, you will complete it directly before or after the interview questions. You may need to complete some tests in person.
  6. some roles may include a tour of the area/building. If your interview includes a tour, we will tell you in advance.
  7. we will inform you when we are likely to make a decision and how we will tell you the outcome
  8. as the interview is ending, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions
  9. for some roles, we may ask you to return for a second interview

Remember if you have got an interview, you have already passed the first step.

We wish you good luck for your interview.

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