An older man with grey hair and dark circular glasses stands in front of a wall with various framed artwork hung.

My Chelmsford by David Schreiber

David Schreiber, born in 1942, is an Old Chelmsfordian who still resides in Chelmsford. From his early days as a paperboy for Rippons on High Street to his international role as Chief Architect for the Forte Hotel Group, his journey has been remarkable. Now retired, David dedicates his time to painting and writing.

Inspired by the evolution of Chelmsford, David's art captures his cherished memories and reflections on the changes over the years. This exhibition is a testament to his deep connection to the town.

David ponders if change could be more mindful, preserving history and character over a generic vision. With architecture in his veins, he explores innovative ways to blend architectural drawings with art. From combining elevations with plans or sections to incorporating prose, his work is a unique fusion of form and narrative. Recently, he has embraced sketching with a fountain pen and adding watercolour for a more informal artistic expression.