David Simmonds smiling inside the J.A. Baker exhibition. Behind him is a glass case filled with Baker's items, such as binoculars and journals.

Join us for Heritage Open Days on a walk through ‘Baker Country’ visiting sites listed in author, J.A. Baker’s diaries and identified in his seminal work The Peregrine (1967).

Starting in Little Baddow, this approx. 7 km/ 4.5 mile walk will guide you along country lanes and – possibly muddy – fields taking in the Essex landscapes that Baker describes as being ‘as profuse and glorious as Africa’.

Led by David, organised by Chelmsford Museum as part of the exhibition Restless Brilliance: The story of J.A. Baker and The Peregrine, on until 3 November 2024.

Visit David’s website about J.A. Baker at www.jabaker.co.uk