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The World War Two Loan Box includes the following items.

ARP and air raids

  • ARP officer’s helmet and armbands (replica)
  • ARP officer’s gas rattle (replica)
  • ‘The Protection of your Home Against Air Raids’ booklet (genuine plus replica copy)
  • ‘What to do about Gas’ leaflet
  • ‘Essex County Constabulary: Air Raid Wardens’ Service’ leaflet
  • ‘Personal Protection Against Gas’ handbook
  • Hurricane lamp (replica)
  • Metal chamber pot (replica)
  • Selection of items from an ARP home first aid kit (including bandages and dressings)


  • Motor fuel ration book
  • Darning mushroom
  • ‘Make Do and Mend’ booklet (replica)
  • Four ration books and ID cards (replica)
  • One week’s rations of lard, butter, eggs, bacon and red meat (replica)
  • ‘Mixed Grill of Wartime Recipes’ booklet (replica)

Children's entertainment

  • Monopoly wartime edition
  • Boy’s Own Paper (November 1941)
  • Boy’s Own Paper (April 1942)
  • Children’s book ‘Puffin, Twink and Waggle at Home’
  • Airplane spotter playing cards (replica)
  • Wooden toy tank and battleship (replica)

Medals (1939 to 1945)

  • War medal
  • Defence medal
  • Star
  • Africa Star


  • A3 reproduction of front page of Daily Express 13 August 1940
  • ‘At Home in WW2 Evacuation’ book
  • ‘World War 2 Children’ book
  • WW2 Sound Effects CD
  • Children’s Wartime Favourites CD
WW2 items