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Sing a Song of Sixpence

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  • Nursery


60 minutes


  • £60 per class (up to 20 children)
  • £120 for two-hour session combining trail and snack (if more than 20 children) 


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From Kings and Queens to birds and money, this song will spark your children’s curiosity and imagination as we sing this song together and set out to find these things in the museum.

In this session, children will:

  • wind the clothes through the mangle, smell the soap and feel old Victorian irons as you and help the maid with the washing
  • dress-up as a bee, find the beehive and taste some honey
  • handle old coins and make colourful rubbings
  • get nose to beak with birds in the museum and make bird with a pecking beak!

Stay for the day

Pick up our binoculars and explore the whole museum and park. There is plenty to discover in the new interactive museum displays and outdoor playground for under fives. Entry to the museum is free.


We have indoor lunch space available, plus picnic benches and a children's play area in the park. The museum is fully accessible with a lift and an accessible toilet.