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The Mayor's theme for the year is Wellbeing and she has chosen three charities which work tirelessly towards that goal. 

Helping Hands Essex (HHE)

A small, yet established charity that specialises in abstinent based alcoholism and addiction recovery, which was formed in 2012 to help alcoholics recover from their illness.

Their service specialises in assisting vulnerable adults, either homeless or facing homelessness. HHE are the only residential rehabilitation charity in Essex. They help empower alcoholics and addicts to recover from their illness, to the benefit of all those affected.

You can find out more about HHE.



Mid and North East Essex Mind support children, young people and adults living with a mild to moderate mental health problem. 

They believe no one should face a mental health problem alone. Their mission is to support and empower people experiencing an emotional or mental health condition by building on their personal hopes and aspirations. 

They achieved this by identifying and responding to community needs in order to deliver an effective and efficient system of community based services. 

They are a local, independent charity raising their own money to support these services.

You can find out more about MIND.


Sanctus is a lifeline for the vulnerable and homeless in the city of Chelmsford, providing a shelter from the cold with the aim of preventing loneliness for a vulnerable group within the community. 

They offer a safe and warm space to eat and be around others. They provide daily hot meals, hot and cold drinks, food and clothes and a wide range of training and support services. 

They offer the help and support to get people back on their feet and to make positive steps forward. They are rebuilding the community from the bottom up, person by person. 

Some of their in-house services include, but are not exclusive to, 1-1 mentoring, addiction support groups, guidance and support for independent living, counselling, benefits and housing support, courses, qualifications and training opportunities and a tenancy sustainment support programme.

You can find out more about Sanctus.

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    Last updated: 26 November 2021

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