Chelmsford City Council

Make a complaint

We expect the highest standards of conduct and integrity from anyone who works for us, whether they are employees or contractors. 

We will investigate any allegations that we have not met these standards. We take all complaints seriously and are keen to resolve your problem.

  1. Make a complaint

  2. How we deal with your complaint

  3. Ask for a review

  4. Refer your complaint to the ombudsman

  5. Vexatious and persistent complainants


4. Refer your complaint to the ombudsman

You can ask the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) for a further investigation after our review if you:

  • are not happy with the way we have handled your complaint
  • are not satisfied with our response to your complaint

You must contact the LGO yourself if you want to refer your complaint. The Ombudsman is:

  • a free service
  • acts as an impartial investigator
  • independent and appointed by the government.

As well as investigating individual complaints, the Ombudsman also publishes an annual review

The annual review:

  • looks at the performance of all councils in England and how they dealt with complaints the public have referred to the LGO
  • provides a summary of information on the complaints the LGO has received about each council
  • includes comments on an authority's performance and complaint-handling arrangements

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