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Hylands Estate consultation 2021

Earlier this year, we announced proposals to charge for parking at Hylands Estate. The pandemic has created a £3 million hole in our finances for this coming year, with further shortfalls in future years. This has prompted us to think hard about how we fund this beautiful, historic park.

Over the years, we’ve seen an increase in visitors to the estate, which is a popular destination throughout our county. This magnificent 574-acre site is the biggest and most complex of our city’s parks. It costs Chelmsford council tax payers a net £520,000 a year, after taking account of events income. Of course, this last year there has been almost no income from events.

From this summer, we propose that all visitors driving to Hylands will support the estate through new parking charges. Chelmsford City Council residents will pay 40% less than other visitors, with a single all-day charge of £3. Anyone who lives outside the area and pays council tax elsewhere will pay £5 to park. Residents receiving council tax support, Hylands volunteers and Blue Badge holders won’t have to pay.

The charges will bring Hylands Estate into line with most other Essex country parks, which already charge for parking. 

The consultation about parking at Hylands Estate is now closed.

We are now reviewing the responses, which will help to shape the new scheme. We will publish more details about this in the coming weeks.

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    Last updated: 26 April 2021

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