Chelmsford City Council

Annual report and statement of accounts

We have to publish a statement of accounts annually, for each financial year.

The preparation and publication of the statement has to follow statutory requirements and timescales. At the end of our financial year, we will:

  • draft the report and statement
    We produced a draft of the report and statement following the end of our financial year on 31 March
  • conduct an external audit
    An independent auditor conducted an audit of the draft report and statement during May and July 2018. Members of the public could also apply to:
  • inspect and make copies of the accounts and documents

  • ask the auditor questions about the accounts

  • publish the final report
    Once the auditor has concluded their audit, we will publish the final report and statement of accounts
  • make the report available for inspection

As of 14 December 2017, BDO LLP are acting as Chelmsford City Council's external auditors from 2018/19.


Download the documents

You can download and view our annual reports and statements of accounts.

If you are unable to download these documents or want us to make copies for you, you can contact us.

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