When to use this general enquiry form 

You can use this form to contact us if you have an enquiry not covered in our main list of contacts

When not to use this general enquiry form

You should not use this form for enquiries about Council Tax or bins and recycling, as it will delay the response. 

You should not use this form if your enquiry relates to something we do not have responsibility for, such as services provided by another organisation.

For example, you will need to contact Essex County Council if your enquiry is about:

  • footpaths and pavements
  • highways, roads, roadworks and potholes
  • street lights
  • libraries
  • schools
  • social care

We will not be able to help if you contact us about any of these services.

If you still need to proceed with a general enquiry, you can use this form.


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Is there something wrong with this page?

You can report issues with the website using our website feedback form, which will go directly to the Web Team. This team will be unable to deal with your enquiry if it is not related to the website.