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If you need help making sense of your bill, you can view our Understanding your bill page.

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Change of name 

If you want to tell us of a change of name, you will have to provide evidence (such as a copy of your marriage certificate or deed poll) before we can update your account. You can upload evidence with this form. 


Direct Debit 

If you want to set up a new Direct Debit or amend an existing Direct Debit, you can  use our dedicated Direct Debit form.


Moving into or out of a property


If you have moved into a new property or are moving out, you should not use this form to report it to us. Instead, you should  use our dedicated Change of Address form, so we can capture the right information that we need to process your change efficiently.


Single Person Discount


You should  use our dedicated Single Person Discount form to claim or cancel the discount.


Student exemption


If you want to claim a student exemption, we will need to see proof in the form of a student certificate. This will show the name of your college or university, as well as the details of your course, including start and finish dates. You should get this  from the student office of your college or university. You can then upload the certificate with this form.

If you currently pay by Direct Debit and we need to create a new Council Tax account, are you happy for your Direct Debit details to be transferred to the new account?

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