Chelmsford City Council

Committees and panels

In addition to the Cabinet and Full Council, we have a number of committees that each focus on a specific council function.

The committees consider issues in detail at scheduled meetings. They then make any decisions or recommendations to the Cabinet or Full Council.

You can find out about each committee, including the councillors on the committee, meeting agendas and meeting minutes.

Overview and Scrutiny Committee

The Overview and Scrutiny Committee's role is to act as a channel for public involvement in the activities of the Council and public bodies operating in Chelmsford, such as the Police and other partner organisations.

The Committee also

  • oversees the proper and efficient administration of the Council
  • reviews the effectiveness of its work and services; to monitor the performance of those services and the Council’s major projects
  • supports and complement the activities of the Cabinet, whilst at the same time scrutinising them and offering constructive comment or advice where appropriate.

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