Chelmsford City Council

Committees and panels

Following the local election on 2 May 2019, the membership of these committees will change. The new committee members will be announced at Full Council on 22 May 2019 and we will publish the detail shortly afterwards.

In addition to the Cabinet and Full Council, we have a number of committees that each focus on a specific council function.

The committees consider issues in detail at scheduled meetings. They then make any decisions or recommendations to the Cabinet or Full Council.

You can find out about each committee, including the councillors on the committee, meeting agendas and meeting minutes.

Development Policy Committee

This Committee is responsible for all planning and housing policy matters, including the Local Plan, evidence base, and city improvement projects, to support development growth in Chelmsford, making recommendations to the Cabinet and Council where necessary.

The Development Policy Committee

  • monitors the existing Local Development Framework (adopted 2008) and its delivery
  • considers and approves the preparation of the emerging Local Plan, including supporting documents and the evidence base
  • considers and approves site specific guidance and city improvement projects
  • supports community-led planning

It also considers and approves supplementary planning documents for which the Cabinet may not be responsible.

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