Chelmsford City Council

Committees and panels

In addition to the Cabinet and Full Council, we have a number of committees that each focus on a specific council function.

The committees consider issues in detail at scheduled meetings. They then make any decisions or recommendations to the Cabinet or Full Council.

You can find out about each committee, including the councillors on the committee, meeting agendas and meeting minutes.


The Cabinet comprises the Leader of the Council and nine other members, each of whom has responsibility for a particular Council service or group of services.
Together the Cabinet take most of the day to day decisions about the running of the Council and the provision of services to the public that are not the responsibility of other committees. 

One of the main functions of the Cabinet is to recommend the annual budget to the Council and to advise it on the development of major policies. 

The public and other members of the Council have the opportunity to question Cabinet members about their responsibilities and to comment on the issues discussed at its meetings.

You can find more details about what's included in each of the cabinet portfolios.


Cabinet members


Cabinet Deputies


Shadow Cabinet members

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