Chelmsford City Council

Committees and panels

In addition to the Cabinet and Full Council, we have a number of committees that each focus on a specific council function.

The committees consider issues in detail at scheduled meetings. They then make any decisions or recommendations to the Cabinet or Full Council.

You can find out about each committee, including the councillors on the committee, meeting agendas and meeting minutes.

Audit and Risk Committee

This Committee monitors budgets and the work of Internal Audit and is concerned with other matters such as risk management, financial control systems and the relationship with external audit.

The Committee's terms of reference are:

  • Approve the Annual Statement of Accounts
  • Monitor the Council's revenue budgets
  • Monitor the Council's capital programme
  • Approve Internal Audit's strategy, plan and performance
  • Monitor Internal Audit's work and the implementation of their recommendations
  • Consider the effectiveness of the authority's risk management arrangements, the control environment and associated anti-fraud and anti-corruption arrangements and seek assurances that action is being taken on risk related issues identified by auditors and inspectors
  • Ensure that there are effective relationships between external and internal audit, inspection agencies and other relevant bodies, and that the value of the audit process is actively promoted
  • Review the external auditor's opinion and reports to members, and monitor management action in response to the issues raised by external audit
  • Review the reports of inspection agencies
  • Approve and monitor the Code of Corporate Governance
  • Review and approve for publication the Council's Annual Governance Statement
  • Review the Audit Charter and Terms of Reference annually; and
  • Review the assessment of fraud risks and potential harm to the Council from fraud and corruption

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