Chelmsford City Council
Authority to discuss

Authority to discuss

For some services, we can only discuss the details with you, or with someone who has authority to discuss.

This includes your:

  • Council Tax account
  • housing application
  • benefit claim


Written permission

If you want someone else to discuss your account or claim, you can write to or email us to give them permission.

Your letter or email needs to tell us:

  • your name

  • the name of the person you want to give permission to, and their relationship to you

  • which account or claim you want them to have permission to discuss, with your reference number if you know it

  • how long you want the permission to last for


Power of attorney

If you have power of attorney for someone, we can discuss their accounts with you.

Before we can discuss their accounts, you will need to send us proof. As proof, you can send a copy of the legal document.


Verbal permission

If you want someone else to discuss your accounts, they can call us if you are there at the same time to give verbal permission.

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