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How to control and delete cookies

We will not use cookies to collect personally identifiable information about you. However, if you wish to restrict or block the cookies which are set by our website, you can do this through your browser settings. Please be aware that if you restrict cookies, it may stop our website from working properly.

You can find more information about how to control and delete cookies on About Cookies.


Cookies on our website

Cookie used byCookie namePurpose of cookieMore information
CludocfduidThis cookie is used to help us record and understand searches done on the site. It does not expire automatically and will stay unless removed manually 
Facebook_fbp, _frThese cookies are set by Facebook to show and track the effectiveness of adverts displayed on Facebook 
Google Analytics_ga, _gid, _gcl_au, _gatThese cookies are placed to store information about how website visitors use the site. The cookie stores information anonymously.More information can be found via the Google Analytics website.
ReadSpeakerrsxtThese cookies ensure better usability of the system. No other information is stored in these cookiesWe use cookies for storing user settings such as reading speed, type of highlighting, activation of a pop-up listen button in case users have made changes to these settings. By going into Readspeaker’s settings, you can select whether you wish to accept or decline cookies.
Remarketing TagGoogle Adwords / Google AnalyticsCollecting pools of users who have visited certain sections our website. In this way we can use these user lists to better target our PPC activity, such as if someone has been to site in past 30 days we know they are already engaged. Similarly we can target visitors to ensure we are gaining new traffic to the site. You can delete browser history and cookies.
SiteImproveASP.NET_SessionIdA session cookie used purely to track the sequence of pages a visitor looks at during a visit to the site.This information can be used to reduce user journeys, and enable visitors to find relevant information quicker.
SiteImprovenmstat' and 'siteimproveses'A persistent cookie used to help record the visitor’s use of the website. It is used to collect statistics about the site usage such as when the visitor last visited the site, and is used to improve the user experience of the websiteThe SiteImprove Analytics cookie contains a randomly generated ID used to recognise the browser when a visitor reads a page. The cookie contains no personal information and is used only for web analytics.
WebsiteASP.Net_SessionIdUsed to track user sessions. 
WebsiteAntiXsrfTokenThis cookie is used to prevent Cross-site request forgery (often abbreviated as CSRF) attacks of the website. CSRF attacks exploit the trust that a site has in a user's browser. 
WebsiteAWSELBThis is Elastic Load Balancing, which allows our site to manage traffic. It helps us to more evenly spread demand for our site across multiple servers, which reduces the risk of our site being unavailable during periods of high demand. 

Cookies which our online service providers use

We use other companies to help us provide some online services. For example, we use a third party provider so you can buy theatre tickets online.

We have worked with them closely to find out what cookies they need to use to work properly. Most sites do not need to use cookies to allow you to use their service.

Some of these services use tracking (persistent) cookies, and further information is available within their respective Privacy Policies accessed through their website.


Cookies from third party site and website widgets

We use and link to other online providers, although they are not directly affiliated with us.

For example, we advertise our Facebook pages, but we have no transactional relationship with Facebook.

From our site, you may use Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. We want you to be aware of how other providers use cookies. To find out more, you can look at:

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