Chelmsford City Council

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General election results

2019 election

In the general election of 2019 , Vicky Ford was declared the winner with 31,934 votes. 

Turnout was 71.34% and there were 224 rejected votes.

You can download the official declaration of results.

CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
Vicky FordThe Conservative Party Candidate31934
Penny RichardsLabour Party10295
Mark Alan LawrenceThe Official Monster Raving Loony Party580
Marie GoldmanLiberal Democrat14313


2017 election

In the general election of 2017 , Vicky Ford was declared the winner with 30,525 votes. 

The turnout was 70%. There were 103 rejected votes.

CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
Chris VinceLabour Party16953
Nigel CarterUK Independence Party (UKIP)1645
Reza HossainGreen Party Candidate821
Stephen RobinsonLiberal Democrat6916
Vicky FordThe Conservative Party Candidate30525

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Last updated: 11 January 2021

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