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European election results 2014

Since this election took place in May 2014, the sitting Labour MEP (Richard Stuart Howitt) has resigned and was replaced by the next person on the list, Alex Mayer.

You can download a full breakdown of the results for the Eastern region.

Stage and seat allocationCandidateParty
1Patrick James O’FlynnUK Independence Party (UKIP)
2Victoria Grace FordConservative Party – For real change in Europe
3Richard Stuart HowittLabour Party
4John Stuart AgnewUK Independence Party (UKIP)
5Geoffrey Charles Van OrdenConservative Party – For real change in Europe
6Tim Mark AkerUK Independence Party (UKIP)
7David Campbell BannermanConservative Party – For real change in Europe

In the region, there was a total electorate of 4,369,382. 

There were 1,581,283 votes cast, of which 6,937 were rejected, leaving a total of 1,574,346 votes to be counted. 

This represents a turnout of 36.19%.

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