Chelmsford City Council

Polling district review

Every five years, we have to review the polling districts and polling places we use for elections. 

This is to ensure that, as far as practicable:

  • all our electors have reasonable facilities for voting 
  • all our polling stations are accessible to all electors, including people who are disabled

You can:

  • view a map showing the current polling arrangements and the Returning Officer's initial proposals
  • read a report outlining the  Returning Officer’s initial proposals, which includes a list of consultees and comments we have received so far

When using the map, you can:

  • use the search bar to find your address and see what polling district you live in
  • use the Layers icon to add/remove the different electoral layers you would like to see on the map, including the existing arrangements and the initial proposals

  • use the Legend icon to display a key explaining what each layer represents


We published the Returning Officer’s initial proposalson Monday 12 August 2019. 

The consultation closed on Monday 9 September 2019. We are now considering the comments and will present them in the report, with the revised proposals.

A committee will agree the final proposal on Wednesday 6 November 2019. We will then implement the agreed amendments from Sunday 1 December 2019. If an election is called before 1 December, we will continue to use the existing arrangements.

You can also download the official notice.

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