Events at the Picture House

The Chelmsford Picture House is situated at the Cramphorn Studio

  • Human Flow (12a) Human Flow (12A)This documentary captures the massive and shocking breath of the global migration crisis. 23 February 2018 8:00pm
  • Logan Lucky (12a) Logan Lucky (12a)Staring Channing Tatum, Adam Driver & Daniel Craig 27 February 2018 8:00pm
  • The Winter's Tale The Winter's TaleLIVE from the Royal Opera House, London 28 February 2018 7:15pm
  • A Ghost Story (12a) A Ghost Story (12A)A singular exploration of legacy, love, loss, and the enormity of existence. 02 March 2018 8:00pm
  • The Flames of Paris - Bolshoi Ballet The Flames of ParisLIVE from the Bolshoi Ballet, Moscow 04 March 2018 3:00pm
  • logan lucky baby cinema.png Logan Lucky - Baby CinemaThis is a baby friendly screening 06 March 2018 11:00am
  • Carmen - Royal Opera House CarmenLIVE from the Royal Opera House, London 06 March 2018 6:45pm
  • call be by your name web avatar.png Call Me By Your Name (15)Managers pick - 'Pay What You Like' 10 March 2018 8:00pm
  • Loveless Avatar.jpg Loveless (15)Moscow couple of Zhenya and Boris are going through a vicious divorce marked by resentment,... 19 March 2018 8:00pm
  • Cezanne avatar.jpg Cezanne - Portraits of LifePart of the Exhibition on Screen Season 21 March 2018 8:00am
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