Little Shop of Horrors

Tuesday 9 - Saturday 13 November 2021 7.30pm
Saturday matinee: 2.30pm

A florist store is threatened with closure in a rundown neighbourhood in New York, until a blood thirsty Venus Fly Trap becomes the main attraction… that may, or may not, save the store! 

Seymour, our “geeky” leading man makes a pact; murder for fame and fortune… and hopefully our leading lady Audrey! Audrey II (the blood thirsty Venus Fly Trap) experiences accelerated growth thanks to human sacrifice… a worry of Seymour’s! As Audrey II grows rapidly, so does his thirst for blood… he tricks Audrey into visiting the store, but can Seymour save the store and the girl of his dreams? 

Find out in this musical comedy that will have you crying with laughter this November as Springers takes to the stage once again! 

Ticket Prices

  • Tickets: £20.00

PREMIUM seats £2.00 extra

A £1.50 fee is applicable per transaction

Wheelchair accessible and essential companion tickets must be booked through Box Office.