Relaxed Concert

The last Wednesday of the month 2:15pm

No booking required
Lunchtime Concerts

For a toe tapping interlude to your day, why not visit the Cramphorn Studio, where music is on the menu. Organiser of the regular Lunchtime Concerts, Jeffery Wilson, offers interactive piano, percussion and vocal work. All are welcome.

The Cramphorn Foyer offers drinks and bar snacks.

A Relaxed Performance is one which has been carefully adjusted to reduce anxiety or stress for those who might otherwise find attending a performance a challenging experience.

For example, someone with autism, sensory and communication needs and/or a learning disability might be reluctant to attend public theatre performances. Relaxed performances make it possible for families to experience theatre together in a relaxed environment.

These performances offer a relaxed environment as adjustments are made to reduce anxiety or stress, such as changes to lighting and sound to eliminate surprise and soften their impact.

Staff and performers will have a relaxed attitude to noise from the audience and customers are free to move around the auditorium during the performance.

Ticket Prices

  • Suggested donation £1


 Cramphorn Studio        
No booking required