Lunchtime Concerts

Wednesday lunchtime 1.00pm

For over thirty years now a wonderful relationship between the Cramphorn and Civic Theatres in Chelmsford and Jeffery Wilson, has blossomed and developed into a true community-based musical initiative. 

Jeffery began to curate the free Lunchtime Concerts to offer a platform for his various students and friends from the University and Conservatoire environment. His philosophy was to enable these aspirant musicians to have a ‘real audience’ experience prior to recital exams or simply for performance practice. 

It was not long before his professional colleagues were asking to perform for us as a warm-up prior to an important recital. This was a real treat for our growing audience.

For the past year and a half we've turned to the online community to bring the Lunchtime Concerts to life. This has been a challenge but a real rewarding experience. Even in our most isolating times, we can all be brought together by music.

We are excited that the concerts will be returning to the Cramphorn Studio in September 2021.

To watch our online episodes from this past year, head to our YouTube page.

Head to Environ Music's website to see an up-to-date programme :


  • 08/09/21, Online concert 
  • 15/09/21, Cramphorn: The Bell Duo, Kevin Simpson and Sue Williams bring us a veritable potpourri of music for clarinet, saxophone and piano.
  • 22/09/21, Online concert (Programme TBC)
  • 29/09/21, Civic Theatre: Surprise concert! Jeffery and friends offer a surprise concert of specially written music, improvisations and dedications to delight the ear.
  • + A Relaxed Concert to follow at 2.15pm



  • 06/10/21, Online concert (Programme TBC)
  • 13/10/21, Civic Theatre (Programme TBC)
  • 20/10/21, Online concert (Programme TBC)
  • 27/10/21, Cramphorn (Programme TBC)
  • + A Relaxed Concert to follow at 2.15pm



  • 03/11/21, Cramphorn (Programme TBC)
  • 10/11/21, Civic Theatre (Programme TBC)
  • 17/11/21, Online Concert (Programme TBC)
  • 24/11/21, Online Concert (Programme TBC)



  • 01/12/21, Cramphorn (Programme TBC)
  • 08/12/21, Cramphorn (Programme TBC)
  • 15/12/21, Cramphorn (Programme TBC)
  • 22/12/21, Cramphorn (Programme TBC)
  • 29/12/21, Cramphorn (Programme TBC)
  • + A Relaxed Concert to follow at 2.15pm


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