The Affair

Friday 11 October 2019 7.30pm

The Affair is a timeless comedy that depicts the highs and lows of relationships in a very funny way. With each character bringing a different light to the story, there is plenty for the audience to relate to and be amused by.

The story begins with Gustavo, who is getting ready to ask a very important question, but not before he has checked everything on his 'to do' list. After Daffadowndilly's arrival, what is supposed to be a romantic evening soon starts to spiral out of control; following a knock on the door all reason turns to mayhem and we are faced with a scenario that leaves not just Gustavo in a frenzy, but all three characters grappling for sanity.

The Characters:

Gustavo - an overly controlling and deluded Cassanova masking his truly awkward and obsessive nature. How will he manage two neurotic women on his trail, without plummeting into the depths of despair?

Daffadowndilly - a vain and excitable woman to say the least, she has an unhealthy preoccupation with her appearance. Her narcissistic tendencies appear to dominate everything she does; does anything lay beneath the surface.

Lark - a confident yet confused individual. She seems to think her needs are more important than anyone else's and only ever wants to play games. Will her determination pay off? Or perhaps she will just accept she can't always win.

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