Someone Who'll Watch Over Me (14+)

Monday 10 - Saturday 15 June 2019 7.45pm 
(Weds & Sat mat: 2.00pm)

An Englishman, an Irishman and an American

are kidnapped by unseen Arabs in Lebanon…

not the kind of punch line you were expecting?

When three strangers with very different backgrounds find themselves imprisoned without a cause, they begin to question morality and mortality. After months together with only their core beliefs as company, they must help one another survive not only the four grubby walls of their cell, but the confinement of their own minds.

 Frank McGuinness’ political drama is an indomitable ride of emotions. The dynamic constantly shifts as the group find themselves uniting for strength and stability as they come to terms with their bleak hostage reality. All three must arm themselves with humour, wit and fond memories of the outside world to stave off nationalistic pride, unseen enemies and the ever-looming thoughts of existential dread.

Will this be enough to maintain their sanity, or will the perpetual darkness pull them under?

In a modern Orwellian world of constant surveillance and overexposure on social media, this play begs the question; how does a person truly behave in front of the watchful eye of Big Brother?

“They think I’m in their power. I am, the three of us are. They decide if we live or die. It’s up to them. But there is still one thing left up to me. Me alone. Have they, or have they not, made me less of a man…”

 Co-production by Lee Mead Productions and Chelmsford City Theatres 

Please note the recommended age is 14+

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