The Good Liar (15)

Wednesday 19 February 2020 7.30pm

Can you truly trust anyone you meet online? Is the question this film begs. This thriller pairs A-listers Helen Mirren and Ian McKellan as they each take turns playing cat and mouse. 

Mirren is a widow looking for companionship on an online dating site for distinct, older singles, much to her grandson’s disgust. Grifter and con man McKellan scouts the site and comes across her profile, ogling it as an invitation to swindle her of her wealth. 

But first he must play the long game and slot comfortably into her suburban lifestyle...but is the new apple of his eye all that she seems or is she the Queen to his King of deception? 

“In just a blink, your life is changed forever” 

Starring Helen Mirren, Ian McKellan, Russell Tovey 
Directed by Bill Condon 
2019 / 109 mins 
Contains very strong language, strong violence, gory images, sexual violence, nudity 

Audio Described screening  

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