Sorry We Missed You (15)

Friday 28 February 2020 2.00pm & 7.30pm

A poignant and relevant watch for current times as we watch Ricky and his family fight to financially survive in today’s world of zero-hour contracts and rising living costs. Since the 2008 recession, the Turner family have been plundered into the red, but Dad Ricky is sold a lifeline when he is ‘freed from wage slavery’ and promised ‘the dream’; the chance to run a franchise as a self-employed delivery driver. It’s hard work, long hours and a lack of basic workers’ rights and this new career change starts taking its toll. His wife is equally devoured by her thankless and underpaid work as a carer which leaves their two children; one a bright young spark unmotivated to excel academically and one acting out in rage, both hinted as a reaction to having absent parents. This film will be uncomfortable to watch but relatable to many. 

“How does your company get away with this? This is my family and I'm telling you now, no one messes with my family!” 

Starring Kris Hitchen, Debbie Honeywood, Rhys Stone 
Directed by Ken Loach 
2019 / 101 mins 
Genre: Drama 
Contains very strong language, strong violence 

Audio Described screening 

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